1 Person

We focus on each person by making sure they are mentally prepared for the day, trained for the task, working safely, and fully equipped to perform at their highest potential. We also review Human Performance topics regularly to remind employees to look out for themselves and others.

1 Plan

We plan each job carefully with every crew member and additional personnel who will be needed on the job site. We identify the job tasks, potential hazards, and mitigation of the hazards that could occur to be sure that all workers are aware of potential dangers. We identify the nearest emergency locations in the event of an injury. All workers and visitors on the jobsite review the plan and sign that they understand the tasks that must be performed.

1 Phase...at a time

Working with electricity is inherently dangerous, and it’s even more dangerous while working with one or more phases. Assuring that proper methods are followed will guarantee the safety of the people on the jobsite. Insulating and Isolating principles, Assured Grounding, and proper PPE all protect the worker from potential phase-to-phase or phase-to-ground hazards.

ARC American, Inc. is your primary outside electrical construction contractor. We specialize in installing, maintaining, and restoring all facets of overhead and underground electrical facilities.

The driving forces of Arc American, Inc.—Safety, Quality, and Production—ensures that the employees are able to return home each night, earn a high customer-reliability rating, and strive for profitability to ensure longevity in the utility contractor marketplace.Click on the circles below to learn more about our services.







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We know how important electrical reliability can be. That’s why our team is passionate and dedicated to putting safety first and making sure that communities get the power they need.

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