Supplier Diversity

Diversity and Inclusion have been core principles in the growth of CA Advanced and ARC American since 2014.

We are dedicated to building and embracing a diverse community, employee platform, and vendor arena. Diversity at ARC American is characterized as a proactive program that encourages partnerships and contractual growth with historically underrepresented business or underserved groups.

Diversity Inclusion Policy

Diversity drives innovation. Innovation drives growth. Growth drives employment. Employment drives diversity.

Unifying and embracing diversity is not only a corporate goal but a moral obligation achieved through respectful human interaction, team building, and caring. We intentionally focus on leaving other people’s lives in a better place.

Benefits of Supplier Diversity

1. Promotes innovation

2. Increases competition, which reduces cost and improves product quality

3. Opens work opportunities and elevates communities around the world

Qualifying as a Diverse Supplier

A diverse supplier is a business that is minority owned, meaning that 51% of the business is held by a minority individual (Women, Veteran, LGBTQIA+, Hispanic or Latino, Black or African American, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, Asian, and American Indian or Alaska Native).

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We welcome diverse suppliers. If your products/services relate to business and/or construction, please contact us by filling out our form.

Is your company public or private?

Is your company headquartered in the USA?

Do you have a diversity certificate?

Is your company at least 51% owned and operated by a veteran, service-disabled veteran, minority, woman, LGBTQIA+ individual, or person(s) with disabilities?

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